Education is a progressive and continuous configuration of oneself in order to better live in society and it doesn’t have to end at any specific age.

The Holistic Education International Association is made up of all kinds of people from all over the world committed to the transformation and elevation of mankind. We believe it is humanity’s duty to live up to its full potential by creating sustainable communities which can live in harmony with the planet and all its creatures.

Our objectives are:

-To promote and expand human consciousness through social activities which are healing and/or educational.

-To propel the creation of sustainable and holistic spaces world-wide.

-To foment the creation of a wide network of people, collectives, associations and investigation centres who share in the goals of the association of achieving a state of harmonic coexistence.

-To put together a permanent and accessible online platform for compiling research which can serve to guide humankind forward into a healthy and sustainable future.

-To promote individual participation in society as an element of transformation for both.

-To develop projects and collaborate with institutions in the investigation, experimentation, and divulgence of educational, sustainable, creative and innovative material in order to promote the advancement of humanity toward harmonic coexistence.